It takes a village

My husband goes out of town on occasion, mostly for work and annually for boys trips. When he leaves, some might argue that life is somewhat easier, as there is no need to have a nice dinner ready at 6PM or to shower and shave my pits every day.
However, as I’m about to take my first girls trip in YEARS, I feel overwhelmed by the amount of organization required to make sure all the kids make it to school with all their forms signed, that they’re picked up on time, fed, taken to their after school activities and brought home from play-dates. My girls trip is requiring a mountain of Post-It notes and a village of Moms to fill in until my husband gets home from work. My husband scoffs and says, “Don’t worry, we’ll be FINE!” which only makes me angry and reminds me of the time forgot to pick up our middle son last week! This is a man who forgets to eat lunch when distracted at work and has driven his car right out of gas on more than three occasions! Weekend getaways, he’s managed those before, but coaching the kids through 4 days of school AND the weekend is a whole new ballgame.
I have to wonder, is the stress worth it?
Hell ya!
Love Lucie

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