Hanging with Friends is not enough, I’m coming home

Two days in isolation (except for Facebook and Hanging with Friends) in Whistler can do strange things to a girl. I feel like I’ve taken a vow of silence, leaving my thoughts to have a battle of wits in my head.

In between the fits and bursts of producing 5000 words these last 36 hours, I:

– ate cauliflower steak on the couch in front of the TV
– caught up on this season’s The Bachelor (get rid of Courtney Ben, she’s bad news!)
– drank so much coffee I couldn’t fall asleep for hours
– chain-snacked on gummy bears
– checked Facebook constantly
– got so bored that I cleaned the toilets

Reminding me that the best part of a business trip is coming home.

Love Lucie


In sickness and in health

I’m sick.  I have sweat pooling in my bra and goosebumps decorating my arm.  I’ve been lying on the heated bathroom floor under a quilt for the past 2 hours and now smell like a locker room, part Mr. Clean, part sweat and body oils.  I wince when I have to swallow my own saliva and am feeling utterly unlovable. 

Why did this happen to me?  A birthday party at the local giant jungle gym brought on the initial runny nose and ticklish throat, despite repeated dousing in hand-sanitizer, which snowballed into my present state on the bathroom floor.  My husband and kids are avoiding me (sure, save yourselves) and my self-pitying mind screams whatever happened to “for better or for worse?  In sickness and in health?”

Two Advil Cold and Sinus later, I’m in a much better state of mind.  The hyperhydrosis has subsided, goosebumps again flattened and my thoughts are softer, gentler and even look with promise towards the future.

Must buy more Advil!

Love Lucie  

Valentines schmalentines

I think I started hating Valentines Day in grade school.  I would count the number of cards received, analyze the sappy sentiments inside and ruthlessly grade myself in terms of popularity.  As I got into high school, the lack of a boyfriend really turned me off of the day for lovers – tacky commercialism and a stampede at chocolate shops and florists was just not for sensitive flautists like me.  When I finally did get a boyfriend, I assessed his love for me on his wallet’s ability to show how much he loved me.  Red roses or pink carnations?  McDonalds or Umbertos?   A box of Smarties or Godiva?  Sweet nothings didn’t count.  I didn’t love myself, so I relied on material proof to navigate love’s math, and that way I never gave more than I got.  That is how I kept in control of the love game, while my ‘bad-at-math’ girlfriends were loving and losing all around me.  It’s not hard to believe that the weekend before Valentines Day is the busiest time of the year for psychiatrists.

What I didn’t realize until I was late into my 20’s is that love is not a game that can be won.  Love, I realized, is the little things.  Sweet nothings do count.  You can make love out of nothing at all and it feels good.  I learned that I really like Happy Meals. The blue box from Tiffany’s is great, but you get way more mileage out of a smile, eating dinner together, laughing over old photos, and sharing memories.  I learned to recognize that feeling of my heart blooming right past the physical limits of my rib cage as love, and that feeling often brings me to tears.  Happy ones.  Love is friendship, sharing a box of popcorn, and facing the future together.  And as you look at the state of the world around us, maybe a yearly reminder isn’t such a bad idea after all.  

Love Lucie

I heart Provocateur

From some reason, I am on Agent Provocateur’s email list. I should probably move them to my junk folder except that occasionally they send me photos of the latest fashion in high-class call girl, barely-there wear, and the photos are deliciously hot! Last week, the very clever people at AP sent me an invitation to Men’s Shopping night  this Thursday, complete with cocktails, canapés and lingerie models, just in time for Valentines Day. But this time, instead of photos, their invitation came with the most titillating video I’ve ever seen outside of YouPorn. View it for yourself here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Enjoy!  And remember Stan, Valentines is only 5 days away!

Love Lucie