New Year, Same Old Me

I love January. I love the pristine newness of a brand new year as it lays before me, even if the only evidence of it is just a new wall calendar. I love that symbolic blank slate and it’s unlimited potential for the amazing and the wonderful.

Being raised a good Catholic girl, to me the morning of January 1st feels a lot like coming out of the confessional freshly purged of my sins. I’m 3 Hail Marys and an Our Father away from heaven – hooray! That is, until I sin again. But until then, I feel…perfect.

Outside the catholic church (where I now reside) it’s not often we get the chance to start over, but on a wall calendar, you get to do it every 12 months. As we say goodbye to the previous year’s missteps and mistakes, we pledge, perhaps high on champagne and the promise of a new year, that we’re going to get it right this time. That this year, we’re going to be thinner, prettier, nicer, funnier, happier, or most simply put, better.

The only problem with this clean slate approach is that I’m the same old me – the same soft, dimpled (not in a remotely cute way), perpetually sleep deprived, grumpy that I’m a taken for granted wife/mother/friend/ sister/daughter/chauffeur/volunteer that I always was. I still waste too much time on social media and reading, I still obsess about getting rid of my stretch marks, I take on too much, I fall short, I’m vain, I envy, I begrudge, I yell, and I’m slow to forgive. And I realize this is true shortly after the champagne wears off and I have another 353 days before I can wipe the slate clean again.

So this year, on January 17th, I resolve to be good enough. That’s it. To be me and (this is the tough part) to be happy with it. No 30 day challenges for me – fitness, dieting or otherwise. No more saying no to shortbread. These are things I know I can accomplish. I have, in fact said yes to shortbread 3 times today. The trick is, and will continue to be, to not beat myself up about said shortbread. And to continue to do the things I love with abandon – run, write, hang with my family and friends.

Perfection is a lonely place, frequented by skinny, hungry and therefore, grumpy people. I think I’m finally realizing I’d rather be fat and happy.

Love Lucie

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  1. Deanna says:

    As someone remarked on Facebook the other day, “who likes a quiet, skinny bitch anyway?” Although I’m a tad concerned that this post comes on the heels of coffee with moi, who tends to revel in her mediocre and flawed self, I applaud your happy-as-you-are approach, (and I’m reaching for another cookie as I type).

    1. lucieloves says:

      LOL! I love you anyways D!

  2. Yup…love this! I, too, am at a place where i would rather be happy with who I am and what I look like NOW versus striving towards perfection. I love food…and if I try and go without the food I love, I too get grumpy.

    I, too, love to write…and now that I’m in my early 40’s I realize that the body I have is a reflection of my lifestyle and the things I love to do. Writing entails some sitting 🙂 so I am not skinny and I have a nice well-developed bottom. But I also love to get up and go for walks and dance and do yoga, so I’m strong & healthy!

    Great blog…here’s to a beautiful new year,

    1. lucieloves says:

      Thanks Maryanne! Here’s to strong & healthy!! And getting together more often in 2012!! xox

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