To Do or Not To Do – that is the question

So I’m 6 weeks into my Princess year and I’ve gone to the gym 22 times, cleaned out 7 junk drawers and written exactly 1 blog post.

Obvious priority adjusting jokes aside, it makes me wonder why everyday for the past 6 weeks, I choose to tackle the minutiae that comes along with being a stay-at-home mom instead of focusing on what’s really important to me as my own person. While the low hanging fruit (do laundry, tidy house) offer easy (and gratifying) check-marks on my bulging to-do list, it leaves the tougher and so much more rewarding projects to go unpicked day after day.

To illustrate my point, this was my to-do list on Monday, which I keep track of my Things app for iPhone:
– Run
– Coffee w/ Grade 3 moms
– Buy Groceries
– Shower
– Talk to Lawyer
– Book haircut for eldest son
– Book doctor appointment for eldest son
– Book babysitter for Thursday night
– Write in middle son’s birthday book
– Buy birthday gifts for nanny, niece & nephew
– Send baby gift to friend in London
– Make lasagne for dinner
– Pick up kids
– Meet with youngest’s son’s teacher
– Take middle son out for birthday treat after school
– Write blog post

And despite my detailed organization, I somehow forgot that I had double booked my eldest son on an after school playdate. One at my house and one at another boy’s house. Plus I got so involved chatting with the other moms after school, I forgot all about my meeting with my son’s teacher. At the end of a long and stressful day where I was short with the kids and quick with my friends, I got it all done…aside from the blog post. And that has been the daily pattern for the past 6 weeks and perhaps even longer. This post I wrote in May 2009 suggests that some habits die hard, or at least, very, very slowly.

My to-do list for October 19, 2011
This is my Things to-do-list today:

With less minutiae and my most important task already behind me, I can look forward to the rest of my day. What are you going to do today?

Love Lucie


Back to Life

It’s no small surprise that every year, that week before Labour Day, I get a bit itchy. One might even say downright bitchy.

But the end of every glorious summer vacation sees me putting together a TO DO BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS list a mile long! I work myself into a complete frenzy thinking about:
– buying new notebooks and pens (for me),
– buying a back to school sweater (a pair jeans, a purse, and a bra) all for me, as my 3 boys don’t want any new clothes, they wear shorts and T-shirts 365 days of the year and they all still fit (!),
– tidying every drawer, throwing out all those old Yahtzee scorecards stained with beer rings,
– getting rid of all those half eaten bag of chips and freezer-burnt popsicles,
– organizing every closet and tossing out all the cherry juice stained t-shirts and see-through bikini bottoms, and calling the Canadian Diabetes Clothesline for a pickup to haul all my summer treasures away.

After two months of charred meat and enough coleslaw to choke the garburetor, I’m ready to say good-bye to sloth and unexpected visitors, especially slothful visitors! I’m ready to say too-de-loo to the kids, who didn’t want to do ANY camps, other than Camp Mama (that’s me!) this summer (let’s just say that anarchy reigned). Good-bye and good riddance to peach cobbler, wine spritzers, and ice cream as a food group!

Helllloooooo beef stew!

Love Lucie