Is Spring Break for kids only?

So I have an impossibly beautiful girlfriend – gorgeous hair, great conversationalist, and H-O-T, hot. Except for the fact that I feel like Bea Arthur when we go out for dinner together and men are swarming around her like wasps to barbequed steak in the summer, I really enjoy her company. She has just gone through a divorce and is building a beautiful life for herself and that’s a powerful energy to be around.

So I’m still not sure which side of fortunately this lands on, but a few weeks ago she asked me join her on a girls trip to Mexico for Spring Break. She said she’s rented a fabulous house on the ocean and all I needed to do was book my own flight.

Without the kids.

Or the hubby.

Sounds fabulous and yet I know that I can’t/shouldn’t go. It being Spring Break and all, I probably should hang with my kids for some family time. Plus travelling with Megan Fox’s hotter sister does nothing to make my husband feel comfortable about letting his wife-in-a-midlife-crisis travel unchaperoned to the land that invented tequila. But I tell you as we’re holed up in rainy Whistler and my other friends are posting their sun-tanned smiles from Hawaii on Facebook, I can’t help but feel a bit chained to my minivan.

Maybe a Mother’s Day girls trip to Vegas? Who’s in? Rose? Blanche? You out there somewhere?

Love Lucie (aka Dorothy)

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  1. Tori Nelson says:

    I am chained to my Swiffer mop like you’re chained to your minivan. I’m trying to convince my fiance that there is such a thing as Domestic-Induced Depression!

    1. lucieloves says:

      Amen Tori! There really IS such a thing as DID and the only cure is….sunshine and tequila!! xo

  2. Hungrigyrl says:

    If you can swing it, I say GO FOR IT!

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