Is Spring Break for kids only?

So I have an impossibly beautiful girlfriend – gorgeous hair, great conversationalist, and H-O-T, hot. Except for the fact that I feel like Bea Arthur when we go out for dinner together and men are swarming around her like wasps to barbequed steak in the summer, I really enjoy her company. She has just gone through a divorce and is building a beautiful life for herself and that’s a powerful energy to be around.

So I’m still not sure which side of fortunately this lands on, but a few weeks ago she asked me join her on a girls trip to Mexico for Spring Break. She said she’s rented a fabulous house on the ocean and all I needed to do was book my own flight.

Without the kids.

Or the hubby.

Sounds fabulous and yet I know that I can’t/shouldn’t go. It being Spring Break and all, I probably should hang with my kids for some family time. Plus travelling with Megan Fox’s hotter sister does nothing to make my husband feel comfortable about letting his wife-in-a-midlife-crisis travel unchaperoned to the land that invented tequila. But I tell you as we’re holed up in rainy Whistler and my other friends are posting their sun-tanned smiles from Hawaii on Facebook, I can’t help but feel a bit chained to my minivan.

Maybe a Mother’s Day girls trip to Vegas? Who’s in? Rose? Blanche? You out there somewhere?

Love Lucie (aka Dorothy)


I ♥ Cougar Town

I love Cougar Town. I’ve never actually watched the show but I’ve tried to tape it (unsuccessfully on the PVR). I just love the idea of watching the antics of a nice (read HOT) single mom of a teenage boy, who is re-entering the dating scene after a recent divorce. The show’s star Courteney Cox is 45, super hot and has real cougar cred, having married a much younger hubby in real life, David Arquette.

Not that I’m divorced, but it’s nice to know that there is life after divorce. Wish me luck with the PVR.

Love Lucie