Facebook & Me

I am addicted to Facebook. I check it every morning, in between flipping pancakes and shouting “Hurry up kids! Breakfast is getting cold!” I leave my husband to pour the orange juice and mutter that I just need to check the morning news. In actuality, I’m checking the morning, midday, just before I have to cook supper, and the evening news (hour-long edition).

I have played Bejeweled Blitz and Lexulous for HOURS (and like an addict, I have figured out how to turn off the notifications so that my husband doesn’t know that I am).

I like to collect friends like those trading pins at the Olympics and have been trying to crack the 200 mark for months. I like friending old boyfriends, so that they can peruse my photos (carefully edited, of course) and think that “they coulda had all THIS!” I like seeing what happened to the cool kids from high school and cannot believe who got fat and bald.

But I knew my little habit had become a full-fledged problem when I knew that “Sabrina has left the building”, “Jenny had too much lunch today!” and “Peter is going to SNAP!” before I had heard about Haiti’s earthquake.

Here’s to less snooping through the past and more living in the present! Here’s to Haitians everywhere, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Love Lucie

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