In sickness and in health

I’m sick.  I have sweat pooling in my bra and goosebumps decorating my arm.  I’ve been lying on the heated bathroom floor under a quilt for the past 2 hours and now smell like a locker room, part Mr. Clean, part sweat and body oils.  I wince when I have to swallow my own saliva and am feeling utterly unlovable. 

Why did this happen to me?  A birthday party at the local giant jungle gym brought on the initial runny nose and ticklish throat, despite repeated dousing in hand-sanitizer, which snowballed into my present state on the bathroom floor.  My husband and kids are avoiding me (sure, save yourselves) and my self-pitying mind screams whatever happened to “for better or for worse?  In sickness and in health?”

Two Advil Cold and Sinus later, I’m in a much better state of mind.  The hyperhydrosis has subsided, goosebumps again flattened and my thoughts are softer, gentler and even look with promise towards the future.

Must buy more Advil!

Love Lucie  

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