Give me a Break!

It’s that time of year again – magnificent magnolia blossoms, daffodil vendors on every street corner, skin-soaking bursts of rain followed by sun cheerfully warming up the days, and Cadbury mini eggs (yum!) I’m talking about Spring Break, the time of year I have loved and hated with equanimity since I was 16 years old. I love it because we get to take a break from the go somewhere warm and I hate it because it means I need to put on a bathing suit again, which is really just another form of nudity. Not to mention the waxing…
Every spring, I go to my favorite swimsuit store to review their collection of almost birthday suits. I’m short (5’2″) with speed-skater thighs so my girlfriend tells me that the one-pieces and tankinis make me resemble pork sausage straining it’s casings and I’m afraid I have to agree. So she encourages me to try a bikini. Actually, she says “try this one on, or I’m ripping the closet door off and putting it on you myself!” So I obey.

Not bad. Exercising and eating right really does pay dividends.

Not great. I still have speed-skater thighs 🙂 but at least the skin on my belly will match my legs now!

Love Lucie

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