Tag, You’re it!

Today I’d like to thank the members of the Academy (Deanna of A Mother’s Tonic, I’m talking to you) for granting me the auspicious honour of a Memetastic Award, which she assures me is the blogging equivalent of an Oscar. Yippee! Huffington Post, here I come – oh, wait a second…

Memetastic sounds like something my oldest used to say when I’d find his footed-sleeper toddler self roaming the hallways long after I’d tucked him into his crib. And as for the award itself, it looks suspiciously like something he might have created on one of those “make your own card” desktop publishing programs for kids.

But the feeling of being welcomed into the blogosphere, to be recognized, commended and recommended? Absolutely brilliant. Better than wine and chocolates, seriously! My readership jumped, comments and subscriptions came in. You really like me, you really really like me!!

So in order to comply with the prize details, I apparently need to fulfill some criteria before accepting my award, or risk losing the award to the first runner up, which brings me to this post.

1) I must include the Memetastic award graphic (complete, see above)
2) I need to write four untruths and one truth about myself, and let you figure it out (this will be fun!)
3) I need to nominate five other bloggers for this prestigious award/hot potato (see below)
4) I need to link to the Memetastic Hop. This sounds like a dance move, but I’m not totally sure. I will need to refer to my nominator on this one, but rest assured I will get this done, sorry Miss Jamaica! (to be checked)

So without further ado, here are five fun facts about myself, one of which is totally accurate, the others not so much.
– I was my high school’s graduating class valedictorian and wept so hard during my speech that I had boogers running from my nose directly into my speaking mouth
– I was technically a virgin on my wedding night
– I can do a double Salchow on my hockey skates
– I have spent about 2,000 hours in church
– I love sit-ups and have a six pack in there somewhere

I think my truths are stranger than my fiction, but let’s stay focused here, shall we?

And now the nominees for best blogger in the blogosphere are:

1) Simply Sonia with an I. Urban, edgy with a bit of sass and lots of those hearts you can make with your keyboard (that I, obviously, can’t) You’ll feel cooler and hipper just for reading her beautiful discoveries.
2) Paul at Plastic Ramen is a Vancouver-based comedian, working the local hot spots, lucky for us. His posts are sometimes shocking and sometimes inspiring, but always guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.
3) Fortylicious is where the 40’s come to play. This site speaks to me on so many levels, obviously. Love it!
4) Colleen at Miss Manifesto has got it going on. Her saucy blog covers entertainment, travel, relationships, etc. It’s like Cosmo, for free!
5) I love Adventures in Estrogen. Lady Estrogen is bad-ass and doesn’t believe in political correctness. She is a mommy, but not a mommy-blogger, and as a mommy, I totally get and respect that.

And the Oscar goes to…..all of you! Tag, you’re it!!

Love Lucie

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Deanna says:

    It really is like an Oscar, congrats, you deserve it.
    My guess is number one is true, your math prowess and musical talents getting you the votes from the band and academia combined…

  2. Tori Nelson says:

    Yay! Queen Meme! I love your blog choices!

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