Back to Life

It’s no small surprise that every year, that week before Labour Day, I get a bit itchy. One might even say downright bitchy.

But the end of every glorious summer vacation sees me putting together a TO DO BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS list a mile long! I work myself into a complete frenzy thinking about:
– buying new notebooks and pens (for me),
– buying a back to school sweater (a pair jeans, a purse, and a bra) all for me, as my 3 boys don’t want any new clothes, they wear shorts and T-shirts 365 days of the year and they all still fit (!),
– tidying every drawer, throwing out all those old Yahtzee scorecards stained with beer rings,
– getting rid of all those half eaten bag of chips and freezer-burnt popsicles,
– organizing every closet and tossing out all the cherry juice stained t-shirts and see-through bikini bottoms, and calling the Canadian Diabetes Clothesline for a pickup to haul all my summer treasures away.

After two months of charred meat and enough coleslaw to choke the garburetor, I’m ready to say good-bye to sloth and unexpected visitors, especially slothful visitors! I’m ready to say too-de-loo to the kids, who didn’t want to do ANY camps, other than Camp Mama (that’s me!) this summer (let’s just say that anarchy reigned). Good-bye and good riddance to peach cobbler, wine spritzers, and ice cream as a food group!

Helllloooooo beef stew!

Love Lucie

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