Super Sunday Spoiler

As a happily married woman cruising through my mid-life crisis, I love any reason to throw a party. And a party that doesn’t require finding, screening, and securing a babysitter is even better! So when I found out that Super Bowl XLIV (which does NOT mean it’s sponsored by Louis Vuitton in any way) was on this weekend, I suggested to my husband that we throw a little Super Bowl party. While I have heard of men who like to keep Super Bowl Sunday “boys only”, as I like to keep Boxing Day Shopping “girls only”, luckily my husband isn’t one of those guys as long as he gets his cozy chair to himself. He agreed to the party, so I called up 6 girlfriends and invited their families over for the game. Surprise, surprise, everyone said they were in, so I think I’m really onto something!

Key success factors to a good Super Bowl party:
A 3PM pre-game start so the kids are settled in by the time the pigskin hits in the air.
A feast for the waistband of chili and wings and nachos and guacamole, and of course, BEER.
A big TV in HD for watching all those tight ends – yum!

We had 29 people (big and small) just about due to come over, when my middle son barfed. And then barfed again. Talk about a party pooper. And I still have 2 quarts of chili burbling on the stove.

I should have left Super Bowl to the boys.

Love Lucie

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