Pimp my Ride (a mom’s version)


My husband says I change cars like other people change purses.

My first car for my party of one was a black Volkswagen Golf. My dependable little car carried me and my friends to school, work and all the stuff in between. I could fit my whole life into that Golf, and I did, every 12 months or so, moving my clothes and folded futon from apartment to apartment.

Upon the arrival of our first son, I had trouble squeezing my deluxe stroller into the hatch, so I traded my Golf in for an elegant navy blue Audi A4. It had more room, was more adult, I even called it a mom car. My mom really loved it.

But not long after that I had another son. Buckling two heavy weights into their car seats so low to the ground was really straining my back, so I convinced my husband that what I really needed was an SUV. A BMW X5. Still in conservative navy blue, of course, as my hot rodding days were behind me. It was more adult, had more room, a real family car. Even my husband was agreed.

Surprising everyone, especially myself, I had another son around the same time my oldest started school. We discovered that he liked play-dates a lot and everyday he’d ask if he could have a couple of buddies over after school. So after my 5-seater BMW broke his heart repeatedly, I got an 8 seater Honda Pilot (in white) and a hysterectomy.

My life, and my car, is full.

Love Lucie

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Eschelle says:

    I have never even own a car.. wow…

    1. lucieloves says:

      Wow. I didn’t even want to mention the fact that I want an electric car now…

  2. Tori Nelson says:

    A Honda and a hysterectomy…. you need to write a book, and PLEASE let this be the title.

    1. lucieloves says:

      another fan of alliteration! I love it! 🙂 Thanks for the support Tori!

  3. Veronica says:

    If only the pilot came in Electric. You have great taste! Boys Rock.

    1. lucieloves says:

      Oh yes, an electric car is next on my wish list 🙂

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