I ♥ Vancouver

Being a born and raised Vancouverite, I’d like to share my top 10 favourite things about my fair city:

1) The coffee – you really can get really good coffee on every corner in the city – Delaney’s, Artigiano’s, Bean Around the World, Mink – yum! I don’t even drink coffee, but I love all that free Wi-Fi!
2) The sunshine – people showing some shin on sunny days, even when, like today, it’s below zero outside. I know we Canucks are hardy folks, but when you grow up in a rain-forest, you take every chance for natural Vitamin D you can get.
3) The rain – don’t knock the rain, it keeps the grass greener and your lungs cleaner.
4) The hard bodies – people are really into fitness here – disc-golfers, gym buffs, boot campers, rock climbers, yogis, Grouse Grinders, long boarders, roller hockey enthusiasts – you can’t help but bump into a tight body wherever you go! Hello Vancouver’s sons, Ryan Reynolds, Joshua Jackson and Mayor Gregor Robertson!
5) The beaches – from Spanish Banks to Dundarave, Whytecliff to Wreck Beach – they’re where its at.
6) The celebration of diversity – people from all four corners of the earth have settled in this relatively new city, bringing with them their traditions and cultures. This means your mouth (and mind) can travel to another land as easily as crossing a street or two!
7) The food – Coast, Miku, Chambar, Rodney’s Oyster Bar, Japadog and my beloved Vij’s. Best.Foodie.City.Anywhere.
8) The world-class airport – if you do have to leave paradise for awhile, with the sparkly clean Canada Line and direct flights to everywhere from Auckland to Zurich, once you’re through security, you can get your shoes shined, have a massage and quaff a killer bottle of BC wine instead of listening to the drone of pre-boarding announcements. And you’ll only appreciate Vangroovy more once you get back.
9) The community – Thriving business community that raises millions of dollars annually for charitable causes says alot about the really smart and generous people that call this place home.
10) The mountains – being able to ski and golf (or sail) on the same day (not that I’ve done that yet, but its on my bucket list). And our little local mountains (Cypress, Grouse & Seymour) tower over that bump called Blue Mountain. AND then there’s Whistler/Blackcomb! Boo-yA!

Now I’m not sure if I did Vancouver proud with this post as I haven’t even mentioned my favourite shops (Wear Else, Moule), people-watching parks (Kits Beach) or all those cute crazy puppies out there! But I’ve lived in Toronto, Calgary, Chicago, and Winnipeg in my adult life and nothing, absolutely nothing compares to living in Vancouver, especially on a day like today!

Love Lucie

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  1. Eschelle says:

    Ugh you make me miss West Van. I wish i could afford to live there again 😦

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